The Cape is being economically violated.
Meet DORA.

The Division of Revenue Act/Bill is an account of all of the revenue collected in South Africa through direct and indirect taxes. It is broken into National, Provincial and Local spheres of government.
In decentralised countries/federations, your local allocations of revenue are higher than your national allocations. Therefore, local communities have more money and more control over how it is spent. In centralised systems of government, your national allocations are higher than your local allocations. Therefore, local communities have less money and less control over how it is spent.
Here is South Africa’s division of revenue through the three spheres of government:

Total revenue collected: R1.3 Trillion

National Allocation: 
R 855 Billion  
Provincial Allocation: 
R 410 Billion  
Local Allocation: 
R 52 Billion  

65 %

30 %

5 %

This is an extremely centralised system, and it does not work. So, how much are we losing?

 The Western Cape pays:
R 185 Billion 

 The Western Cape gets:
R 45 Billion

We are allocated a mere 24% of what we pay in!

The other 76% is controlled by the National sphere of government, in other words, the ANC! We “survive” on R45 Billion!

If we were independent we would have an additional R140 Billion at our direct disposal!

In an independent Cape we could cut taxes in half… …and still double services!

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